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   Birth Photography is my personal favorite thing to photograph.  After my first birth I was blown away. What I saw was amazing, wonderful, heart warming, and there are not enough words.  I leave the hospital and I feel like through that experience I am a kid on Christmas morning and I have opened all my presents and the rest of the day can not  get any better.  It is so hard to put words to but the pictures help speak for it.

The Birth Of Haydyn

The Birth Of Elizabeth

The Birth Of Sydney

The Birth of Gabrielle (cesarean)

The Birth Of Vayda

The Birth Of Jack

The Birth Of Eloise

The Birth Of Melody (Cesarean)

The Birth Of   Mackenzie Marie Cooper

Twin Birth of David and Elizabeth

The birth of Oscar

 The birth of Anthony

Birth sessions are $424 ( tax included)

I also offer gift cards, So if you are having a baby shower or have friends and family that asking for gift ideas you can suggest they get you a gift card to JasmineRose photography!!

Birth photography is a beautiful modest way to remember and share your birth with friends and family. I come once you are confirmed in labor or once you are 4 cm. I typicality stay the entire time and stay after for up to an hour for the babies first visitors. You get all of the pictures I take on a DVD around 500 or more pictures. You get a password protected online viewing gallery to see all pictures before the disk comes and for additional editing if you’d like. You get a slide show put to music that I put together. I do have a contract and a security deposit of $150. If I am not able to photograph the birth like in the instance if you were to have a c section or if the birth falls on a contracted event and I am not able to make it for what ever reason the $150 security deposit would then go towards a “brand new” lifestyle session.

“Brand New” lifestyle sessions are held within the first 48 hours of your birth – during daylight hours – at the hospital, birth center, or at home. They are similar in style to our birth photography – unposed and natural. My Idea is to capture you and your baby totally soaking in the first precious moments, meeting siblings or other family members, first bath, ect.

Although I typicality stay for the entire birth,

if your labor runs over 10 hours at that point I then reserve the ability to leave if I choose.

Colleen Strait - March 25, 2013 - 9:07 pm

Hi, I was wondering what you have available the beginning of Oct. ? We are due Oct 2nd. We still aren’t sure if we want to do a birth session or a brand new session. Please let me know, thank you and have a nice evening.

Jasmine - March 25, 2013 - 10:45 pm

Hey Colleen Just in case it goes to your junk mail or something I have just emailed you back about your questions!!

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