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Playing in the sandbox

This is my daughter Olivia, She is six years old and since the weather has been “nice” shes been itching( literally she has hives LOL) to go out and play!! So our yard is fenced in and our kitchen is wonderfull and has a huge window over looking the back yard. She looked all over for her umbrella  with no avail so i said “PUT A HAT ON” Jamie woke up and came down stairs and laughed “olivia and that hat” he hates that hat but she loves it!! A while later she came in asking me to come out and see what she made. I mean she made something she is proud of and asked me to come look so i grabbed my camera to take pictures of it. She was so proud of it! i said “this is a great castle liv” she sighed ” uhh I’m making Stokoe farm mom!!” she showed me where you get hot chocolate, the parking lot, my car, our good friend Joe and Colleen’s car, the zip line and the Christmas trees 🙂

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