Everyone wants to be a photographer.

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Everyone wants to be a photographer my changing thoughts and blogs on this topic as I become a better photogrphaer

Maybe this will sounds a little bit like my head is getting bigger.

Once I wrote this blog post . “Everyone wants to be a Photographer”,  to save you sometime it was about me feeling like it really  sucks how seasoned photographers are always worried about how everyone else with a nice ( or not nice) camera wants to be a photographer. I  am pretty sure I go one to say I think they are “jealous”.

Writing that blog, I really hoped to see that someday I’d understand the things those photographers were saying.  I always thought my work was great. Still to this day I see that my work is always getting better. I am staying creative, I am learning from the things I would like to change and I  am improving. All things any good business owner should do; I am heading in the right direction.

I know a few of you were also waiting for this day to come and today it hit me. ( I’m about to show you how big my head really is right now) “I am like Walt and I am not looking to train a Jesse Pinkman.”   Now I’m not gonna say that the photographers that say “Every one wants to be a photographer” Isn’t Jealous because I am sure they are. However, from the start I was in the empire business, I want to rule my empire, I want to be the best photographer. OKAY, I don’t take it that serious. I’m not gonna take any one out to be the best like Walter White or any thing. I can respect my customers that choose to go to Erin Townsand or Chelse Thompson or who ever .

I have come to know a lot about my style of photography, Sometimes I have flaws I’m not the best but I am doing my best.( and usually at least a few times while I edit I say right out loud “wow I take some breath taking pictures”)  I have a good thing going for me. I see a lot of  photographers not change not Improve, Your style is likely different then mine. When I come across someone with the type of drive I see in my self I stop. I question, what makes my style what people want? Its my secret recipe. Its that only I know the ingredients.

Okay, so jealously. :p

With that all being said the tiff I hear about some new photographers being new and charging less  bla bla bla ppl choosing them jealously stuff. I can not relate to that. I just dont really see that on the same level . Like I don’t compare my self to JC Pennys if some one is willing to pay less for them or who ever, they know they are not paying for you. You are not loosing any one.

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