Ashley’s Bridal Shower by JasmineRose Photography

Barbara Gates - August 6, 2013 - 6:08 pm

Hi JasmineRose…I would just like your thoughts since you seem to be a champion for “newbies, beginners & amateurs”..
I was trying to look at Ashleys Bridal Shower to see what types of pictures you did…I love your Website/blog. I was reading about the meanness of pro photographers toward newbies or those of us who just love taking pictures. I recently took pictures for a friend of my granddaughter for not only her her bridal shower..(and going to nail salon to get pics while getting pretty and having mimosas),they liked them enough that they asked me if I would like to do the rehearsal dinner and rehearsal as well..Made me feel great that someone thought enough of my was not for pay..that was for the pro at the wedding the next day. 9 months later I was asked if I’d do maternity pics for the same person…then baby shower pics…I printed some of the maternity shots for the shower but everything was put on discs and given to them. (I was flattered that at the end of the wedding they gave me gift certificate. I also had dinner at the rehearsal… at the baby shower I was given a box of cd’s to copy pics to, hand cream and a gift certificate to a coffee house. I agreed to the pictures for my granddaughter’s friend in the beginning because I LOVE TAKING PICTURES and was very very flattered that they like my pictures. When I delivered the last sets of discs I was shown the newborn pictures which had been taken by a “pro”…I never expected money (family and friends think I was really used, abused and taken advantage of so to speak)but my feelings were really hurt when I saw pictures of newborn at $200.00 (given a cut rate because they contracted to do 1 year photos as well). I have no desire to do newborns but I do (I think) pretty darned good toddlers and children. Sorry to lay so much out…but all newbies or beginners are not trying to take business from those who have earned their “wings” so to speak. I don’t consider myself a photographer.. to me I love telling “stories in an artistic way”. Landscapes are my real love..and “weird” stuff! Thanks for listening…sorry to unload so much..needed someone I felt would listen and understand my frustrations. Sincerely, Barbara

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