Wonderful Pictures out of Chaos.

Wonderful Pictures out of Chaos.

I photograph Lifestyle photography, I also photograph posed session with a lifestyle feel to it. In almost all sessions I do that involve a 1-3 year old there is a stress that comes with it for the mother. I am pretty good at keeping every thing cool. I know usually with out a doubt that i will still end up with great pictures. I know in that chaos i have been able to to freeze time frames of happiness and self of the child. I have done enough child sessions I have it down. So today I was photographing my one own daughters for her second birthday . I have many great pictures of her that i will be sharing with our family but so that my clients know this. My children are no different!! haha


SO! I am taking time to wright this blog post because I want to address something.

I often feel like I am an advocate for new photographers. I have shared on different occasions my thoughts about how mean photographers can be and how much I hate the thought possess of  “every one wants to be a photographer” and how jealous photographers are of other photographers. I also have this community of other photographers that follow me and whom I follow, Photographers that bounce questions off of me. Photographers that are inspired by my work and use some of my ideas. And I want to touch on that along with some other things.

The Birth of Gabriella

I encourage every one to watch the slide show of this birth !!

The birth of Gabriella

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