The Birth of Gabriella

I encourage every one to watch the slide show of this birth !!

The birth of Gabriella

This was a completely different birth then I have ever done before. This was my first cesarean birth and also the first birth where I was photographing a birth to show to a father who was not able to be present to the baby’s birth. It was harder then the other births. I had to take pictures of all of the things that were special about this day to help make that father feel like he was in the room right there with her.   Also when I say “I have to take pictures of thing things that were special about this day” I also say it because today was a really wonderful day with a lot of amazing wonderful things in it, even though this mom had a more tough delivery then most births. This video is a reminder that even though this birth was more tough then some other women have it there were so many wonderful things happening in that day even though it might have been hard for that mom to fathom at that time how wonderful, breathtaking, and amazing her birthday really was !!!


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